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Radio-amateurs in Mook and from the surrounding area, all members of Radio Club Limburg, will activate this station to commemorate the Battle of Mookerheyde from 1 to 30 April 2024.

The crew of Special event station PB450MOOK consist of:

We focus on activating the HF bands in the modes CW and SSB. Equipment and antenna's are the above operators' personal setups.


IMPORTANT, QSL policy: No incoming QSL cards needed. Your QSL card is not required. So don't send it.
But we will confirm all contacts with our QSL card.
Our outgoing paper QSL cards will be sent via the bureau after closedown of the special event station.
QSL-manager: PD8RW


All contacts will be logged and published on, as a rule on a daily basis. This logbook is used to confirm QSO's.

Questions about logged QSO's can be forwarded to Jan, PA2P. In case of any questions, don't hesistate to send a message. Please use the contactform on this website.


Or search in Clublog to check for a confirmed QSO.


Picture re-enactors

The station PB450MOOK is a special event station, commemorating the Battle of Mookerheyde that took place 450 years ago on April 14th 1574 as part of the Eighty Years' War, or the 'Dutch Revolt'. This was an armed conflict in the Habsburg Netherlands between the Oranjes and the Spanish government. The battle was fought on the heath (Mook Heath, or Mookerheide in Dutch) near the village of Mook at the river Maas. In the 16th century, the Mookerheide extended over a larger area than today; south of Nijmegen to beyond Mook there was a large heath area that was called Mookerheide in its entirety.

There is still a chapel at the Mortel in Mook that is dedicated to Our Lady of the Will-o'-the-wisps. This chapel was built over two hundred years ago to provide a resting place for the souls of the fallen from the Battle of Mookerheyde, who wandered like lights over the Mookerheide.


360 degrees panorama of the Mookerheide.
Click and hold your mouse in the picture and go left/right, or use the compass at the right, to look around. Use your scrollwheel to zoom in/out (click on the panorama first).